Why William & Henry Associates?

WHA is an investment banking firm that serves only private companies with experienced investment bankers.

No conflicts. We do not have focused efforts to serve larger companies nor private equity firms. Some investment banks have specific practice areas that serve these large, sophisticated groups as a source of revenue. We believe that such specialized practices can create a potential conflict of interest for any investment banker also serving the small and medium-size business owner. We do not curry favor with the “other side” of the deal to get future business from THEM. We focus on YOUR deal to get the best deal we can for our clients. We can be as tough as need be without fear of lost potential business from the “other side”.

Simply put, YOUR TRANSACTION IS OUR TRANSACTION. By that, we mean that we try to act as though we are “sitting in your shoes” both financially and emotionally. Selling your business or raising capital for your business is oftentimes the most important financial transaction in a person’s life. It is can also be stressful and emotional. We strive to be there with you every step of the way and available 24/7 at the senior and junior professional level.

William & Henry has senior professionals with many completed merger/acquisition/sale/financing transactions and combined decades of business experience.

Personalized Transactions. We attempt to design a process to fit the Company, its culture and its objectives to the economic, financial and financing environment taking into consideration the breadth and depth of buyers/investors since we try to create a conducive process to allow interest to build to achieve our clients’ objectives. No “cookie-cutter” approach. No two companies or transactions are alike. We strive to be a “custom” builder”, not a “tract house” builder.

We have a wide variety of professional experiences including investment banking (including bulge brackets, major bracket, boutique, and international firms), Board of Director, CEO/President/CFO/Treasurer/Controller of large and smaller public and private companies, management consulting, public accounting, private equity, restructuring, turnarounds.

We have executed transactions in a wide variety of industries including manufacturing, distribution, consumer products and services, business services, high technology, healthcare, leisure, aerospace/defense, financial services, hospitality, agriculture, food and food distribution, retail; among others.

We find that most of the companies we serve do not require any specific specialized industry knowledge to execute the transaction. We are experienced at closing the information, knowledge and experience gap between the private company owner, that does not value or execute transactions for a living, versus the sophisticated large company buyer and/or private equity firm that does this work for a living and can sometimes take advantage of less sophisticated private owners.

The same senior team that “sells” our services to you is the same team that “executes” those services.

We are available 24/7. You will receive each team member’s cellular phone number from Day One. No disappearing after the engagement is “signed up”.

We strive to create a “same team” deal team culture. We strive to treat our clients as partners and friends.

Attempt to create additional value both in terms of increased price, quick/more efficient execution and better contract terms.