Sales, Mergers, Acquisitions

If you are a private, entrepreneurial or a family business looking to monetize the value of your business or an entrepreneur looking to make acquisitions to grow their business, William & Henry Associates is highly qualified to help you reach your objectives.

We view Mergers and Acquisitions as a highly individualized process that should be specifically tailored to both the emotional and business needs of the clients involved. No two M&A deals are the same. Each situation requires thoughtful analysis and creative thinking to arrive at a recommendation that will specifically fulfill the owner’s needs and the buyer’s needs. At William & Henry, we are a “custom builder”, not a “tract home builder”.

Throughout the major milestones in the M&A process – the Decision to Sell, Perform due diligence & identify and solve/mitigate issues such as – Normalizing Financial Numbers/Projections, Preparing an Offering Memorandum, Marketing the Deal while maintaining confidentiality and Closing the Transaction, William & Henry Associates differentiates itself by providing the following value added services:

Senior Level involvement at every step-At least two Managing Directors on every transaction
Personalized Experience for Seller/Owner
Personalized Experience for Prospective Buyers
Frequent Updates to Owners
Work Closely with Management to prep for Management Presentations
Avoid Deadlines until sufficient Interest is Generated
24/7 availability

Capital Raising

William & Henry Associates raises private financing of debt and equity for:

  • Companies in need of capital for growth and shareholder liquidity
  • Companies seeking to refinance existing debt
  • Companies wishing to grow through acquisition

William & Henry Associates is managed by senior professionals with experience in the debt, mezzanine and equity markets. We maintain active relationships with numerous institutional investors, including major investment funds, regional and money-center commercial banks and hedge funds.

William & Henry Associates guides its clients through the financing process. We believe that a structured, yet flexible, process is necessary to achieve a desired outcome:

  • Clarify Objectives of Shareholders
  • Demonstrate the Company’s Value in the Offering Memorandum
  • Market the Investment Opportunity and Conduct Management Presentations
  • Create competition to maximize deal terms and guide to a Successful Closing

Leveraged Transactions

William & Henry Associates has significant experience working with private equity sponsors and entrepreneurial management teams to deliver value enhancing solutions.

Leveraged Management Buyouts
Companies may wish to transition ownership to a group of entrepreneurial managers who desire a new vision for their business future, William & Henry combines the equity and capital market knowledge to navigate the process to a successful closing. Offering innovative strategic alternatives, William & Henry Associates principals will develop the best plan of action to increase the probability of a positive outcome for all parties concerned.

Leveraged Recapitalizations
If a family member/owner desires to retire and take some “chips off the table”, then William & Henry Associates has experience to help identify and implement an appropriate recapitalization process.

Take Private Transactions
William & Henry Associates professionals are qualified to lead companies through the three phases of going private: Development – contacting and determining sponsors, developing a proposal and arranging financing; Negotiation – Arranging final terms and financing; and Implementation – delivering a Fairness Opinion, commencing and completing the tender offer and successfully closing the transaction.

Advisory Services

Our goal is to provide unbiased, innovative and objective financial advice.

Preparation for an Exit
The firm will assist in assessing and preparing business owner years in advance of a sale to maximize the eventual/ultimate sale price.

Capital Structure
William & Henry Associates can help entrepreneurs maximize the enterprise value of their companies by evaluating and adjusting balance sheet composition. By achieving the proper balance of long-term debt, common stock, preferred stock and retained earnings, companies can leverage their financial position and optimize the sources and uses of working capital.

Valuation of Securities
William & Henry Associates utilizes a wide variety of sophisticated analytical techniques combined with practical merger and acquisition and corporate finance experience to formulate accurate valuations of businesses and securities.

Fairness Opinions
During the course of prior merger and acquisition assignments, William & Henry Associates principals have been called upon to provide fairness opinions to Boards of Directors, shareholders, trustees, and courts of law.  William & Henry Associates conducts a thorough due diligence process to evaluate similar information and variables utilized to arrive at a valuation analysis. Our methodology includes careful consideration of not only the structure of the transaction, but also takes into account the financial, legal, accounting, and tax implications of the transaction.