William & Henry Associates References

“In one phrase, ‘deftly handled.’ William & Henry professionals know when to push and pull, use “honey and vinegar.” It’s an intuition and skill that only comes through knowledge and experience. They have “it.” CEO David Iannini can stand toe to toe with any buyer, including Bill Gates who owns Corbis, the buyer of my company.”

-Roger Richman, Former CEO, Roger Richman Agency

“We were referred to WH by our accounting firm. It was an absolute pleasure working with them. Highly responsive and highly efficient. They had our back the entire way, even on points that had nothing to do with the price. One stop advisors. They know more accounting/tax and law than CPAs or law firms. That plus a 40% increase in price from the buyers original offer made them well worth the fee. Highly recommend. I don’t think there could possibly be better or more formidable representation than they provided. They know how to play the negotiation even with the big companies. Real Big firm Wall Street experience mattered here. Our buyer was the third biggest public company in Sweden. They were not intimidated in the least. Went toe to toe. ”

-Dante and Fannie Cantal, Owners, Twin Eagles

“Thank you so much for all you and your team accomplished. It really was a great job by all.

Thank you for everything.”

-Michael Considine, Owner, Unisorb Installation Technologies

“You are the GOAT. We had several offers over the years, all far below our price expectations. William & Henry ran a process that yielded values 30-40% higher than any previous offers. Very efficient. Our deal lasted 7 months start to finish.”

-David Jaeger, Co-CEO and Owner, Enrollment123

“William & Henry got me a price 40% higher than I thought my business was worth. Lasted 8 months start to finish. Frankly, I did not enjoy the dinners or meetings with buyers and other matters of the process that they required. But, you can’t argue with the results. Their process worked in spades. The WH CEO is a tough dude. He doesn’t mess around and is forthright and direct, even combative at times. But, if you want strong advocacy, you will certainly get it. I know many other sellers probably enjoyed the process. I did not. That is, until the money was wired into my account. That part was enjoyable. If great results matter, I got a great result.”

-Lee Roux, Owner, Affordable Water Heaters and Plumbing

“Very personal approach and service. Unlike other firms, this firm does not hand you off to junior bankers after the deal starts. The WH CEO is VERY involved in all the matters that are critical to getting the deal done THROUGHOUT the ENTIRE process. There is no detail which is overlooked or left to chance. Incredibly precise and responsive. You call them, they answer. You email them, they answer. Virtually immediately every time. You want to see cool under pressure and efficiency in action-watch these guys in action. Deal only took 9 months.”

-Scott Prestine, Co-Owner, Golden State Activeware

“I referred William & Henry to the best friends of my wife and I who owned a company called Golden State Activewear. They needed a firm that provided a lot of hand holding but also superior execution. It was a tough deal. But, the WH team was on top of every detail and anticipated every problem. We have worked with WH on several deals now and I’ve been doing deals for 30 years. Simply put, they are the best investment bankers on the planet for the private company client.”

-Scott Weiss, Weiss Brown, Former Partner at Greenberg Traurig, Counsel to Golden State Activewear

“I interviewed many, many investment bankers. I certainly made the best choice by far. My transaction was very complicated. Two international entities. Two other personally owned intertwining entities separated from transaction. Complicated tax and structuring issues. Many issues on consents, one of which WH’s CEO flagged early and saved me millions of dollars. The WH team was ahead of and on top of every issue. I saw the whole gamut of negotiating interplay. Good cop, bad cop. Diplomacy to heated exchanges with the other side. It was a masterful performance. Rarely do you see this variety of skills. Financial, accounting, legal, tactical, strategic. The WH CEO has seen it all and plans and executed accordingly and with perfection. Very personal, detailed approach and available anytime day and night. It’s what it took to drag this deal over the finish line.”

-Carl Steadly, CEO, Lunada Bay Tile

“For anyone that thinks they can do a transaction themselves, they are just plain fooling themselves. There are literally thousands of points of negotiation and William and Henry professionals expertly guided us through each and every one and holding our hand every step of the way. There was no time of day or night that they did not either anticipate our needs or immediately respond to any issues. Absolutely trustworthy in every way. In six months, they contacted 200 buyers/investors, arranged meetings with 20 and we had 10 offers enabling them to achieve a huge above-market price. We have worked with lots of professional service firms over the years. This is what 24/7/365 trusted service looks like.”

-Mahesh Wadher and Raj Ghandi, CEO/Owner and COO/CFO, Amtex

“William & Henry got us twice as much as our previous investment banker and the transaction only took six months. Trusted advisors. They identified and solved numerous accounting, finance, legal, tax, regulatory and personal issues along with the professionals that they brought into the deal to help us. We had no idea how complicated doing a deal was. We erroneously thought that maybe doing a deal ourselves would be possible. You don’t know what you don’t know. We would have never gotten the price, quick execution and tactics/ strategy that brought us twelve offers to choose from. Tenacious. Even though we missed our numbers, they held the price in place as a result of their innovative strategies and tactics. Because William & Henry only represents business owners, they are 100% on your side unlike some other firms that get cozy with the buyers in order to get future business from the buyer.”

-Rhett and Zane Smith, CEO and Sr. Vice President, Beneco

“We were a 110 year old company so selecting the the best advisor was paramount. We interviewed dozens. William & Henry understands the family business dynamic. In fact, it’s named after the owners sons, Will and Henry. William & Henry are now part of our family. We really couldn’t have selected anyone better for our company. La familia.”

-Joel Friedman CEO/Owner Mikawaya

“We selected William & Henry from a number of investment banks. We received over a dozen offers from buyers, four offers fully funded with no financing contingency. Their ability to keep track of and play off of each potential buyer was like watching a great conductor at an orchestra. Knowing when to speed up, slowdown, push one party, pull back on another, flush out what the buyer said from what they were really willing to deliver. Even though we missed our projections by 15%, they basically were able to hold onto the total original purchase price with a minor move down in final price–they kept the pressure and heat on the buyers. Extremely well played. You hit it out of the park for us. I have to admit, I actually enjoyed (almost) every grueling minute of the entire process.”

-Rob Tuttle, Former CEO, Emergency Communications Network and CEO, Volo

“I have worked with a lot of outside professionals’ firms over the years. William & Henry are the best of the best. They hung in there and never gave up. Finally, we found the one partner that shared our vision. Great job.”

-Chris Yoo, CEO, MedTrust

“Absolutely fantastic job. We were a company with innovative products without a sales force. William & Henry found us a buyer with a sales force in need of innovative products, one of the largest healthcare companies in Australia. Perfect marriage. William & Henry delivered. They are available 24/7. Listen to them. You won’t like the “tough love” during the deal but will be thankful at the end.”

-Dan Sandel, Former CEO, Sandel Medical

“William & Henry’s professionals literally turned ‘nothing’ into a $60-million transaction and the owners/managers were able to keep 45% of the company. We have now doubled in size and expect our remaining 45% ownership to be worth twice the original – a second bite at the apple! Flawless execution.”

-Karen Bell, Founder & Former CEO, K-Bell Socks

“We had two unsolicited offers to buy the company on the table, both at around $30 million. I was getting calls daily from investment bankers, business brokers, private equity firms and strategic buyers. I was about to take one of the $30 million offers. Thank God I didn’t. Through a masterful process and negotiations, our final purchase price was 50% higher, due to the professionals of William & Henry creating an eight-bidder auction. You’re professionals, friends and trusted advisors.”

-Ted Christensen, Former CEO, Do+Able Products

“I have done two deals with William & Henry professionals, both highly successful. On another deal, my private equity partner required me to work with their investment banker, a large firm from back east. The difference was night and day. William & Henry’s professionals get the job done and are available 24/7. I am not one to take advice easily. I have my own strong opinions. However, if they tell you to do it a certain way, then “do it.” They will be proved correct. We paid more than their contracted fee because they delivered and provided a level of service I have never before seen and I am very demanding.”

-Gary Finder, Former CEO, Michael Alan Designs and Former CEO, K-Bell Socks

“I tried to sell my company twice in the previous seven years. First, I hired a well-known Los Angeles-based investment bank. They failed—no offers. A few years later, I tried a large New York-based investment bank and paid them a $250,000 retainer. They failed—no offers. Then the professionals of William & Henry were referred to us. They identified a change in the law and a new buyer group not identified by the two previous investment bankers I used. Ultimately, we had three offers, all at least $5 million above my target price, and I had one I wanted to just take. William & Henry professionals advised me to hang tight and that they would get me an even higher offer. I was nervous about them blowing the deals on the table. It ended up that the professionals of William & Henry got us another $2 million with no financing contingencies. I paid them $250,000 over the contracted fee as a reward. Very grateful.”

-Tom Nix, Former CEO, Nix Check Cashing

“I wanted $40 million for my business. William & Henry’s professionals said they could get at least that. In short, they were able to turn the process into a 10-bidder auction and I ended up with $75 million.” I paid them more than the contracted fee for such excellent work.”

-Larry Rosenthal, Former CEO, Intercontinental Art

“I entrusted my “baby” to William & Henry’s professionals and they didn’t disappoint. Near the end of the process, my numbers were starting to soften and I would not hit my projections. I was afraid the purchase price would go down. William & Henry’s professionals created enough leverage and competition using their “sweet and sour” approach to keep the price the same. They also solved countless unforeseen problems that would have blown up the deal in the hands of a less experienced and less poised professional. Trust them implicitly. True pros.”

-Marcy Polier, Former CEO, Entertainment Data

“As a family-owned health and wellness company, we were concerned with not only price but the culture of the buyer and the post-deal welfare of our people. William & Henry’s professionals accomplished both. We hired them over several healthcare specialty investment banks, because they understood how to run a fluid, not static, process—which is what the job required.”

-Mark Wasserman, Former CEO, Cedu

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