Personalized Transactions for Private Companies

William & Henry Associates (“WHA”) provides a variety of investment banking services to its clients. William & Henry Associates services encompass capital raising for growth once the company is established, financial advisory and capital raising for acquisitions as part of the company’s growth plan, and finally helping the company plan and execute its sale/exit strategy, either through an outright full sale to a strategic buyer, competitor or private equity firm, minority sale, recapitalization of the company, employee or ESOP buyout; among other company growth/maturation exit strategies.

Our clients are primarily small and medium-size private, entrepreneurial and family-owned businesses in a variety of industries including: manufacturing, distribution, consumer products and services, business services, high technology, healthcare, leisure, aerospace/defense, financial services, hospitality, agriculture, food and food distribution, retail, apparel; among others. We serve clients all over the United States from our various office locations.

William & Henry Associates is an investment banking firm that differentiates itself by providing senior professional investment banking experience along with personalized service. We work best with those companies whereby the owner of the business considers their business to be “his or her baby” and who want a senior professional service experience, and a financial advisor/partner.

William & Henry Associates has highly experienced professionals to lead your transaction. This group is supported by a complement of Managing Directors, Directors, Vice Presidents, Associates, Analysts and administrative support. Professionals come from diverse backgrounds including investment banking, CFO/Controllers of public/private companies, management consulting, public accounting, Boards of Directors of public/private companies, private equity and restructurings/turnarounds. This breadth of experience provides varied and valuable insights to our clients on their transactions.

The professional group averages over 15 years of experience. Investment banking experience ranges from large, Wall Street Bulge-Bracket firms like Salomon Brothers, large international firms (Schroders), Medium-sized Wall Street Major Bracket firms like Wertheim and small, local boutique firms like Barrington Associates. The Senior professional group provides the experience to small and medium sized businesses that often are only provided to large corporations with whom our clients often negotiate with/against in their transactions. Do you want the same expertise on your side as those parties you are negotiating with?

The Firm’s professionals have executed many transactions including financing, merger, acquisition, and sale transactions.

The Firm’s professionals’ educational backgrounds include nationally recognized institutions, in disciplines including accounting and finance.

The Firm’s professionals possess a variety of professional accreditations including C.P.A.’s (non-practicing).

The Firm’s professionals also possess a variety of language skills in order to execute our transactions worldwide.

The Firm also maintains a Board of Advisors comprised of business owners for whom the Firm has completed prior transactions. The Board of Advisors is available for consultation to provide a sounding board for our new and current clients.